Orange Fuzz – Hemp Smokes

The Fox doesn’t run with a pack, but she thinks you’ll enjoy this one. Take a tobacco-free, non-psychoactive breather. Whether you savor solitude or share with a friend, take a moment to refresh your perspective.


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  • USDA Certified Organic Hemp Flower
  • Responsibly farmed and sun-grown in California
  • Plant-based biodegradable filters
  • Rolled in un-bleached hemp paper
  • Full Spectrum whole plant goodness
  • Tobacco-Free
  • Delta-9 THC levels are less than 0.3% in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning they are federally legal and are non-intoxicating.
  • Effects of high-yielding CBD and CBG can be felt in one minute
  • 23,000MG per pack /2300mg per smoke
  • Always 3rd party tested for purity

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CBD Flower

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