Brand Ambassador Program

** Application at the bottom of this page. Please read through the entire document before applying.**

Brand Values

Before we get started into the qualifications for the program it is important to first remind everyone about the core values of Hemp Crate Co. These are expected to be adhered to if you have any involvement with this program.

  • Transparency:  we pride ourselves on being an uber-transparent company. We research, test and thoroughly vet the partners we work with. Less than half make the cut. If they do, we require them to provide updated and accurate COAs which we post on our site.
  • Education-Focused: we are not a company just peddling product to make a buck. We care more about educating our customer base about CBD than anyone in the industry
  • Organic: whenever possible we try to work with manufacturers that follow organic farming principles.
  • Positivity: there is enough negativity in the world. Always represent Hemp Crate Co and our beliefs in a positive outlook.

Who Qualifies

To qualify you must be a current Hemp Crate Co subscriber. We will initially only allow 10 customers into the program. We’ll allow more as the program progresses but want to keep it small and intimate as we build. 

Program Expectations

  • Engage with Hemp Crate Co frequently on Social Media
    • Like/comment/share Hemp Crate Co posts @hempcrateco
    • #hempcrateco and #lifeisstillgreat are preferred hashtags to use
  • Share monthly boxes/store orders and highlight what items you like and why
  • Original content is not required but is appreciated
    • Quality pictures of your box and contents
    • Unboxing videos
    • Blogs and write-ups 
  • Leave reviews on Cratejoy. This helps to boost our standing on the marketplace. You can leave reviews for each month’s box and add photos!
  • Encourage others to join Hemp Crate Co with your custom ambassador code.


Your rewards will be tracked by the Hemp Crate Co team. It is imperative your referrals use your custom ambassador code for their purchases for tracking purposes. To be clear, we want you to make us pay out! We feel the goals here are achievable and the rewards are generous.

 Other Benefits

  • Free items for you to test and provide feedback on from potential and existing partners.
  • Additional education and marketing material to help you ‘sell’ Hemp Crate Co
  • Insider information – heads up on new programs, brand decisions, partnerships, etc.
  • Direct access to Ryan and Lowell (Founders)
  • Personal shout-outs to your profile from Hemp Crate Co

We look forward to partnering with you in this Ambassador program. We appreciate your business and brand loyalty. If approved you’ll receive a customized coupon code from a team member. 

Brand Ambassador Program

Please complete this application to be considered for our Brand Ambassador Program. If approved, you’ll receive your individualized coupon code from on of our team members shortly!