Veteran’s, Long-Term Disability and Low-Income Assistance Programs

Hemp Crate Co. is happy to announce three assistance programs to serve individuals that are interested in CBD, but might find it difficult to purchase our products otherwise. If you qualify for any of the below programs you will receive 30% off all store purchases and 15% off all monthly subscriptions and bundles.  Please see the bottom of this document for instructions on how to get your customized coupon code if you believe you qualify for one of these programs.  

Veteran’s Program

We thank you for your service! We are happy to offer these discounts to all U.S. military veterans.  

Qualifying documentation: 

● VA Card 

● Military ID 

● Driver’s License with VA endorsement 

● DD214 Paperwork  


Long-Term Disability Program

Those who are long-term medically disabled are eligible to receive the aforementioned discounts.  

Qualifying documentation: 

● A signed letter or SSDI form from a doctor, hospital, or government agency stating long-term or permanent disability 

● Direct Deposit Check that notes LTD income   



Low-Income Program 

Those who fall at or below the federal poverty level are eligible for these discounts. To qualify, your yearly taxes must state that your income is at or below the federal poverty level which can be found here

Qualifying documentation: 

● Previous year’s tax returns 

● A current document showing you are receiving low-income benefits: SNAP or SSI Letter 

How to receive your coupon code

If you believe you qualify for any of the above discounts, please email us documentation at human@hempcrate.co. Please mark out any sensitive information such as social security numbers. 

If approved, you will receive an email within 5 business days with your personalized discount code to be used for future purchases. You will be responsible for entering this code for each purchase to receive the discount. No post-order discounts can be applied. 

Additional Details can be found in our updated Terms & Conditions under Assistance Programs. Please note that approval is at the sole discretion of Hemp Crate LLC. If not found to qualify for the assistance program, there is no appeal process. The program can be terminated at will by Hemp Crate LLC.